Community Sentencing

Community Sentencing is a partnership between state and county governments and providers in the community to provide services for eligible felony offenders as an alternative to prison. The program integrates alcohol, drug treatment, and rehabilitation services with case management and supervision. It also allows clients to work secondarily on issues that include parenting, education, and unemployment.

Pre-Trial Bond Release

The Pre-Trial Bond Release program serves clients during the pre-trial process. We provide intensive supervision which includes home visits, drug tests if necessary, and daily check-ins. The program can be used as a condition of bond or to show that a client is amenable to probation supervision.

Clean Start

The Clean Start Program is regimented approach to random drug testing. This program is designed to place more responsibility on the client to maintain a drug free lifestyle.

Probation Supervision

Probation Supervision is available for any client required by the Court to complete special conditions. Supervision may be required for misdemeanants, felons, or felons placed on Community Sentencing.

All probationers receive the following basic services:

1.  A comprehensive explanation of all Court requirements, called an "Orientation"
2.  Supervision at least once per month to monitor the completion of their conditions of probations
3.  Assistance in accessing resources
4.  Timely reports to the Court on success or failure